10 Most Delicious Congee Restaurants in Singapore

10 Most Delicious Congee Restaurants in Singapore

Congee restaurants can be found everywhere in Singapore, but finding one that ignites the taste buds can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. This popular rice dish is an easy choice for any mealtime, but if you’re after a bowl of congee that you’ll really remember, you’ll want to where to look. Take a pick below at our pick of five of the best restaurants and menus on offer in Singapore.

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On the hung for quality Congee food in Singapore? There’s no better starting point than Li Fang Congee. There’s a wealth of mouth-watering options on offer here, with favourites including Fried Frog with Dried Chilli, Mixed Scallop and Pigs Liver Congee. You’ll find a lively mix of starters and mains to delve into here, with starting prices for main dishes averaging out at S$6.00. What’s more, you’ve a choice of small, regular and large portion sizes to pick from, making this an ideal choice for those who can’t quite decide on what to pick.

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⓶ Delicious Cantonese at [block]3[/block]

Another go-to those after delicious Chinese food in Singapore, Dim Sum Haus has a menu packed with quality starters, mains and sides. There’s an amazing choice of baked, fried and steamed dishes on offer here, with the Hong Kong Boat Congee and Plain Congee standing out as popular favourites. You’ll also find a delicious selection of desserts on offer.

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⓷ Enjoy Endless Variety at [block]6[/block]

When you’re looking to try something different, give the menu at Crystal Jade Kitchen a try. This one has a host of authentic Chinese dishes on offer, with some popular favourites including the Classic Ting Zai Congee, Mixed Pork Giblet Congee and Handmade Meatball Pork Congee. You’ll never be disappointed with an order from this quality establishment, with a delicious mix of cooking practices and rich ingredient list making for an unforgetttable experience, every time. More than reasonable menu prices make it a must, with appetisers beginning at around S$10.00 and whole Peking Duck costing around S$60.00.

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⓸ Take Your Pick at [block]9[/block]

If you’re forever finding that most menus don’t cut it, skip the disappointment of second-rate dishes and give the menu at old Hong Kong Kitchen a try instead. This one has an incredible range of Congee dishes on offer, with all kinds of tastes and appetites catered to. With so much choice on offer and a range of portion sizes to pick from, this is a great choice for those looking to place a big order, or choose a hearty platter of food to share between friends.

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⓹ Timeless Chinese Classics at [block]12[/block]

There’s nothing better than a plate of freshly prepared Congee made to order. If you’re tired of fusion cooking and light portions, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Noodle House is guaranteed to impress. There’s a great selection of dishes to choose form here, all made with the utmost care and attention. Try the Century Egg and Lean Pork Congee, or delve into the Classic Ting Zai Congee for fabulous flavours. Looking for something simple? The Chicken Congee never fails to disappoint.

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