6 Best Drinks To Cure A Hangover

6 Best Drinks To Cure A Hangover

After a long weekend of partying, most of us wake up with that familiar throbbing in our heads and a sense of dread overwhelming our senses.

It’s called a hangover.

It’s a terrible thing that will haunt you for an entire day or longer even on occasion. The world spins when you stand, and the nausea becomes unbearable. You almost turn into a vampire for a day – bright lights and sounds are a big no. If there’s an apt word to describe this entire experience, we’d say it’s near-death (okay maybe we’re exaggerating slightly).

To save your souls, we went through a long process scouring the internet for ancient secrets on how to cure a hangover. And we found 6 recipes – while we’re not entirely sure if they even work (we haven’t had the opportunity to test them yet), you could always give it a shot (pun intended).

1 | Pineapple Coconut Water

pineapple coconut water
The underlying cause of a hangover is that your body is dehydrated. Severely dehydrated. This means you need to be replacing the lost electrolytes twice as fast and sometimes plain water is too slow. Now you could always opt for isotonic drinks that works twice as fast, but they also come with a heavy load of sugar and carbs in the process. For a healthier option to hydrate quickly, coconut-infused water has been known as the miracle cure for many things. Potassium regulates your body’s water content and coconut water has the highest potassium content, more than any isotonic drink. Of course, stay away from the processed sugary bottled versions.

2 | Tomato Carrot Juice

carrot juice
Had a Bloody Mary last night? Well here’s nearly the same thing, minus the alcohol. This version of the drink is something you actually need (unlike the 8 you ordered last night), and will cost about one tenth of the price you paid.

3 | Miso Soup

miso soup
We know you probably feel like any food that goes into your body will only come out the same way, but honestly you do need something substantial to absorb the ridiculous blood alcohol level you have right now. With the lost electrolytes from all the alcohol, another major component you need to be replacing is the sodium levels in your body. Salty miso soup will do the trick while warming your stomach at the same time. Hopefully the warm soup gives you the much needed comfort after a night of drinking poison.

4 | Orange Smoothie

orange smoothie
The citrus blend is a cooling and welcoming concoction without inducing more nausea. The Vitamin C from the orange is the pick-up you need to greatly boost your immunity when you feel like death for lack of a better word. You can blend your juice with crushed ice, or even milk if you think your digestive system is up for a challenge.

5 | Lemon Ginger Tea

lemon ginger tea
Ginger helps to curb nausea and will keep you from blowing chunks. The lemon is for the little acidic flavor to bring back some taste in your dehydrated mouth. The tea is well, tea. Can’t go wrong with tea. And no, we’re NOT referring to Long Island Iced Tea. That’s a very wrong tea.

6 | More Beer

more beer
Also known as the ‘Hair of the Dog’ method, this is the last resort you should turn to. In the event nothing works, then it’s more likely that your body is in alcohol withdrawal. The only way to ease that blinding migraine is to down a pint of beer to take the edge off. Note that this a temporary solution and could very well backfire on you with yet another hangover after this. Really not recommended for new drinkers, let’s leave this insane ‘cure’ to the veterans.

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