Eat well, live long – could longevity noodles be the secret to a long life?

Eat well, live long – could longevity noodles be the secret to a long life?

Chinese New Year has come and gone, and longevity noodles are one of our favourite snacks to celebrate the occasion. In fact, these delicious noodles are the best for feasting Chinese-style at any time of year. Discover more below!

Live long and prosper when you snack on long-life noodles

Longevity noodles are believed to have originated in the Chinese Tang dynasty (circa 617 AD). A poem written by Liu Yiuxi, an ode to a newborn child, celebrated dining on the noodles. Another story relating noodles to longevity goes back to Emperor Wudi of the Han dynasty. The emperor joked that people with more space between the base of their nose and top lip could eat longer noodles and would, therefore, live longer.

The theme of longevity is common in Chinese culture, particularly in Taoist philosophy. After all, living for a long time lets you acquire more wisdom and prosperity!

Noodles should be never be cut. Longevity noodles are different lengths, but superstitions say that cutting any noodle could result in a shorter lifespan.

How to make

Cook longevity noodles in the same way you would normally prepare noodle dishes. They can be served with a variety of veggies, sauces, meats or fish. The noodles tend to be made from wheat, as they don’t break as easily as rice noodles.

The secret to great-tasting noodles is that they should be served fresh. You can buy fresh longevity noodles at several SG supermarkets. If you’re planning a Chinese feast and don’t have time to prepare fresh noodles, why not use the foodpanda app?

Eat longevity noodles using chopsticks, whether you’re dining out or feasting at home.

Longevity noodles are great for birthday celebrations, too!

Birthday longevity noodles are also popular in Chinese culture. Very often, dishes consist of just one extra-long noodle, with sauce and toppings!

If you’d like to order in food, you’ll find all the best Chinese restaurants in SG on foodpanda. Your celebrations are so much more fun when you don’t have to worry about food prep!

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