Finish 2019 with an unforgettable meal – great New Year’s Eve ideas

Finish 2019 with an unforgettable meal – great New Year’s Eve ideas

You can rely on foodpanda magazine for all the best food ideas to ensure your parties, celebrations, and family meals are unforgettable at any time of year! But, New Year is always special, so if you’ve already started thinking about your festivities for New Year 2019 and are wondering about the best food to enjoy for New Year’s Eve 2019, check out our brief guide below.

Food and New Year’s Eve

Food, booze, fireworks, and New Year’s Eve are inextricably linked in most people’s minds. The countdown to midnight passes far more quickly when you celebrate with a fantastic meal or enjoy a variety of snacks, no matter what types of dishes you prefer. There are lots of different traditions associated with the New Year, including the Scottish tradition of “first footing”, which involves calling on lots of neighbours in the locality and taking along a piece of coal for good luck, or the fresh green grape that should be eaten on every stroke of the bell in the lead up to the New Year. Some of the foods considered to bring luck for the New Year include lentils, pork, cornbread and black-eyed peas.

  • In Turkey, smashing a pomegranate in your doorway is a good luck tradition for the New Year. The number of seeds scattered by the smashed fruit is an indication of how much luck you’ll have throughout the year!
  • Sugar pigs are the lucky New Year sweet delicacy in Germany and children will surely adore this tradition.
  • In Scotland, it’s not difficult to guess that traditional Scotch whisky is the drink of choice and it’s traditional to accompany this with spiced fruit loaf.

Where can I get my New Year dishes?

Whether you’re dining out in the Marina area to enjoy the best fireworks displays, or ordering food in, you’re sure to discover some mouth-watering New Year’s Eve menus all around town. Partner with foodpanda for your deliveries, so you can be sure to receive steaming hot dishes or chilled, frozen desserts at just the right time, perfect for serving to your friends and family immediately. Why not opt for delicious seafood at Marina Bay Seafood for New Year 2019? Enjoying the fruits of the ocean is always popular with Singaporeans, and we’re so blessed to have such a variety of tasty dishes to choose from. Other types of food to enjoy for New Year’s Eve 2019 include juicy beef steaks from Morton’s Steakhouse, which is perfect for a festive celebration meal, although you’ll need to reserve your table early. Alternatively, why not order your steak and fries in? There are a variety of brilliant steak houses in Singapore, including L’Entrecote in Duxton Hill and also at the Customs House, or Meat n’ Chill at Bukit Timah Road.

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