Panda Peeks: Real Food Singapore

Panda Peeks: Real Food Singapore

The worst thing about Real Food is ironically also the best thing about Real Food. Their extensive vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu offers a vast variety of choice that one won’t encounter anywhere else in Singapore – at least I haven’t.

From sandwiches and all-day breakfasts to salads and burgers – Real Food is the real deal, using only fresh and locally-sourced vegetables. Processed ingredients and artificial preservatives stay off the menu and out of the kitchen. You wonder why? Because you can taste it!

Located in the Clake Quay Central shopping mall, Real Food welcomes you with a bright well-light space, emphasising their food ideology. Besides being a restaurant, they double as a shop for organic, healthy, and natural produce.

Real Food Singapore | Vegan & Vegetarian Indulgence

Focusing on healthy and nutritious food, this restaurant has an interesting selection of smoothies. Forget about the iced and sweetened drinks, Real Food offers the perhaps most sophisticated ones I have seen. Called ‘Nourish your Heart’, my drink included fresh avocado, cold pressed coconut oil, flaxseed oil, molasses, and soy milk – all of them were of course organic. Very creamy and rich in taste, the smoothie’s high fatty acids will help you to improve your cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

Real Food Singapore | foodpanda Magazine

Never having enough of burgers, I had my eyes on their beet millet burger. The handmade patty contains beetroot, carrots, millet, onions, and potatoes. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, already the patty alone is worth my Real Food review. The patty is accompanied with fresh greens, onions, and tomatoes – all in between two halves of homemade whole-wheat buns. On the side came some soft organic potato wedges and vegan citron mayo. As the patty wasn’t soaked and deep-fried in oil for long, the burger didn’t feel heavy and greasy but rather light and delicate.

Real Food Singapore | foodpanda Magazine

Due to the many tasty-sounding items on the menu, it took me a long time to make another pick, but I finally decided on the ‘Stuffed Veggie Salad’. Expecting an ordinary salad, this one was actually quite filled on its one. Filled with fresh greens, olives, lemon slices, tomatoes, avocados, and baby radishes, the salad also included two veggie balls that were extremely similar in taste to the burger patty.

The citrus dressing gave the salad a little fresh and sharp edge, which can be easily intensified if you squeeze those lemon wedges as well (I didn’t though). The dressing also comes separate, letting you decide how much you actually need. Many people actually prefer this to the premixed salads.

Real Food Singapore | foodpanda Magazine

Real Food Singapore | Heavy Hitter Menu

Although the culinary experience at Real Food Singapore left me entirely satisfied, I still feel that I have missed out, as there were plenty of dishes that I would have loved to try. Besides a poached egg sourdough sandwich and a lentil quinoa burger, I also was excited about baked brown rice and various organic pizzas, none of which breaks the bank.

As healthy finally stands for tasty and affordable, the dishes of Real Food Singapore are also available as delivery via foodpanda.sg. Long gone is the reign of dirty old fast food. Welcome to the new age.

Real Food Singapore

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9.00am-9.00pm

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