Why mango fish fillet is a seafood and salsa delight

Why mango fish fillet is a seafood and salsa delight

Tuck into mouthwatering mango fish fillet for a taste sensation that you’re unlikely to forget. This combination is great for a quick and easy dinner on your own, or you could serve it to impress your friends.

Interesting facts about this dish

Sweet and savoury mango fish fillet is popular around the world. This fusion dish incorporates both Mexican and Thai cuisine, whose flavours complement each other wonderfully. It really isn’t surprising that this delectable dish evolved from these regions, where both fish and exotic fruits like mango are available in abundance.

The mango tree can grow to great heights, with some trees in Mexico growing between 30 and 40 metres tall. The five-petaled flowers on these trees are delicate, small and white. Once the mango fruit starts to develop, it takes from three to six months to ripen entirely.

How to prepare this tasty treat

To make mango fish fillet, chefs lightly season a fillet of white fish such as tilapia or sea bass with salt and pepper. The fish is then grilled or covered in a light breading and deep-fried before being covered with mountains of fragrant mango salsa.

To make mango salsa, a ripe mango is diced into small cubes that are then coated with salt and lime juice. Although the salsa can be left as is, it’s even better with some fresh coriander, sliced red onions and red chilli.

There several ways to enjoy your fish fillet with mango salsa. Tuck into the dish as an appetiser, or add a starch to transform the dish into a complete meal. If you’re going for a Thai-style dinner, eat the fish dish with some steamed jasmine rice. Or for a Mexican fiesta, serve taco shells or soft tortillas with your dish. Wash it down with a frosted margarita or an ice-cold beer.

Where to try this dish

Although mango fish fillet is a dish you could eat on the run, it’s best enjoyed if you have an hour or two to sit down with friends and loved ones.

The best part of this dish is that you can order it as takeout and tuck into it in the comfort of your own home. Order the deep-fried sea bass with mango salad from Spicy Thai Thai Cafe, or treat yourself to a delectable portion of fried fish with mango salad from Nakhon Udon Thai Kitchen.

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