The Perfect Match: Hang Out at The Hangar

With chill soundtracks to match the vibe of the place (we are huge fans of their playlist!), we managed to appease our grumbling bellies with a varied presentation of their top picks, complemented with a unique craft beer selection.

The Perfect Match: Wheat Beer VS Ginger Beer VS Cider

Eating out should be fun, enjoyable and relaxing all at the same time. But how many times have you encountered a scenario where you’ve chosen what you want to eat, but are stumped when it comes to drinks?

The Perfect Match: Pairing Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream & Churros

Häagen-Dazs has outdone itself once again with its latest limited edition floral-inspired duo, with Lychee Raspberry Rose and Apricot Lavender, that we paired with crispy churros from Churros Factory.

The Perfect Match: Pairing Beer With Bold, Brave Flavours

Come discover the perfect match at Fourplay Kitchen & Bar and GRUB where beers will elevate your diner to a distinguished meal!

The Perfect Match: Meat, Meet Beer!

There’s nothing quite like ending a work day with a pint, complete with a hearty meal that hits the hunger spot. Come discover our tasting verdict with Meat N’ Chill and Old Boys Gallery.

The Perfect Match: Taking a Stab at Beer Pairing

Embarking on a mini road trip to two of Foodpanda’s vendors, schooled us in a self-learning journey of what should go with your plate, and what should stay well away.

The Perfect Match: Pairing a Pint with Food

After the art of wine pairing took flight, now its casual companion, beer, is looking to up its appeal. Grub and beer pairing is gradually making its way into the culinary scene !

Strange Food Combinations That Are Actually Delicious

These food combinations may sound weird, but they're crazy tasty!